Friday, March 3, 2023

Boy Scout Troop 43 Helps Out at Herrontown Woods

Thanks to Leone Robbins and his fellow members of Scout Troop 43 for joining us at our weekly workday at Herrontown Woods this past Sunday. 
They along with some family members helped with a number of tasks that we had long wanted to get done. They raised our boardwalk higher so that turtles and other wildlife will be able to pass underneath, 
and cleared a better spot for our picnic table. That's our caretaker Andrew doing some followup.
For the morning's final finale, they carried a very long and heavy pallet from the boardwalk area
over to where it can serve as the base for a new gathering spot at the lower end of the Barden. 

Days later, it occurred to me that Scout Troop 43 sounded familiar. Sure enough, the troop had been active twenty years ago at Autumn Hill Reservation, which FOHW also takes care of.