Friday, November 25, 2016

Nature/Geology Walk This Sunday, Nov. 27

This Sunday at 1pm, we'll gather at Herrontown Woods to 1) be out in the woods on a brisk day and 2) learn something about the magnetite that's found in some of the boulders and streams there. All are welcome.

A few years ago, one of our Friends of Herrontown Woods board members, geologist Jon Johnson, discovered that some of the boulders in Herrontown Woods are magnetic. He tested pebbles in the streambed and tracked the magnetism upstream to its source in some of the boulders on the ridge. It's a bit like prospecting for gold, though no equipment is needed other than a strong magnet. There's a previous post on the subject at this link.

We'll also aim to pass by the area where large boulders were quarried at some point in Princeton's history, leaving big holes in the ground where a boulder had been.

Meet this Sunday, Nov. 27, at 1pm at the Herrontown Woods parking lot, off Snowden Lane. Maps can be found at html.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Nature Walk at Herrontown Woods: the Color-Coded Forest

This Sunday, Nov. 13 at 1pm, join us for a restorative, explorative walk through the remains of autumn color up on the Princeton Ridge at Herrontown Woods. The summer unity of green has given way to diverse expressions of species and self in the color-coded forest. All welcome.

Meet at the Herrontown Woods parking lot, off Snowden Lane across from Smoyer Park. Maps at this link.

This photo of hazelnut is from a 2013 post on the color-coded forest.

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