Monday, March 27, 2023

Girl Scout Troop 71837 Points the Way at Herrontown Woods

Girl Scout Troop 71837 has returned this spring to Herrontown Woods to build on their good works two years back

This time, the project was to design and paint arrows that will point towards significant places in the history and legacy of Oswald and Elizabeth Veblen--the couple who donated Herrontown Woods for public use 66 years ago. 

The colorful arrows will be attached to a tall pole. Points of interest are Veblen House, Veblen Cottage, the Barden, the Institute for Advanced Study (where Oswald was a founder and first faculty member), Old Fine Hall (now called Jones Hall, which Oswald designed), Iowa (where Oswald grew up), Valdres in Norway (where Oswald's ancestors came from), England (where Elizabeth came from), and Einstein's house (from whence Einstein would travel to visit Herrontown Woods). 

The signs were made using a special kind of pen writing on a special kind of paint. We generate lots of fun ideas at Herrontown Woods. Thanks to the scouts and their leaders, Danielle Rollmann and Heather Harnley, for making these signs a reality. 

Postscript: One of the girl scouts' projects two years ago--birdhouses--got cleaned a few weeks ago and are ready for another season.