Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Welcome FOHW's First Summer Intern

Thanks to a grant from a local charity, Green Matters, FOHW has hired its first summer intern! 

Meet Sandy Shiff, who has just finished her first day of work at Herrontown Woods. Sandy's a rising junior at Boston University who has returned home for the summer. We started with what all gardeners spend considerable time doing: weeding. There were some garlic mustards left to pull before they go to seed, and some path rush to dig out of the Barden's pathways.

Sandy's a quick study, and was soon potting up plants to sell in our expanding plant nursery. Many native wildflowers pop up in the pathways of the Barden, begging to be given a new life somewhere that's not underfoot.

Sandy helped organize and label the rescued plants, which now sit in reused pots on reused pallets in the repurposed spaces of the Barden. Somehow I think she's going to help us do many things that hadn't quite gotten done before.

Note: A shout out to our volunteer extraordinaire, Bill Jemas, for helping us apply for the grant funding.