Sunday, November 29, 2020

Pigs Fly at Herrontown Woods

If pigs could fly, 

we'd save from a sorry fate this elegant gazebo, with its porcine weather vane, 
and its mahogany benches
that give comfort and a view up and out and all about.

One of the views the gazebo framed for untold years was of this house on Ewing Street, parts of which date back to 1755. A few of us feel lucky to say we recently helped save this house from demolition.

If pigs could fly, we'd also save this shed, with its unusually shaped roof, to store stuff. 

But wait! Where is that shed going?
And the gazebo's mahogany floor?

And its mahogany benches?

And the gazebo itself!?
To Herrontown Woods they're going, to its Princeton Botanical Art Garden, to offer rest and social space, and frame views of native plants along winding pathways. 

Turns out that all it takes is a trailer, some help, and some ingenuity and perseverance to make pigs fly, and horses ride, and gazebos pick up and head off to a new life.