Thursday, June 6, 2024

Plant Sales Begin at the Barden

Many of the plants that pop up in the pathways of the Botanical Art Garden (Barden) are native. We call these plants "volunteers", and have begun potting them up for sale. Everything about our little plant nursery has to do with reuse: the plants, the pots, the pallets we use to display the plants, and the collected rainwater we use to water them.

Come to May's Cafe this Sunday, June 9, 9-11am, and check out our selection. 

Currently in stock:

Sundrops (see photo below)

Shrubby St. Johnswort



Wild Senna

Sensitive Fern (see photo below)

Mountain Mint


Evening Primrose

Enter the Barden next to the kiosk and follow the path straight up. The plant nursery is next to one of the sheds, to the right of the gazebo. Many of these native plants are local genotypes. 

Sundrops is a lower growing perennial that spreads slowly and provides bright yellow flowers in June.  
Though Sensitive fern is sensitive to frost and drought, it is a robust native that spreads slowly to create a lush groundcover.